Most people know our online voting aid application during elections. It is less known that Kieskompas is a research institute. We even have scientific roots: Kieskompas started in 2006 as a startup of the VU University in Amsterdam. Our focus? Social and political opinions.

We do a lot of research
In the Netherlands, but also internationally. Often in collaboration with scientists from all over the world. We do this with the data from the online tool (the Kieskompas) and by conducting extensive panel research. In every country where we have created an online Electoral Compass (more than 40 countries, including almost all EU countries), people have indicated that they want to participate in scientific research. This allows us to question large groups of people.

For whom?
Scientists from all over the world use our data for research. We also conduct research on behalf of governments, political parties, interest groups, knowledge institutes and other parties that are interested in opinion structures with their supporters or target groups.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stufting. (2020). Who Decides the Election: A Study of Decisive Voter Groups Considering a Biden Vote. + Technical report.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. (2018). Macronism, Corbynism...Huh?, an investigation into the election strategies of progressive political parties in Europe.

Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. (2018). Typen niet-stemmers (Types of non-voters), an investigation into different types of non-voters and their reasons for voting some elections and others not.

Party of European Socialists. (2018). Red vote toolbox, mapping the opinions of social democratic voters across the EU.

Vereniging Eigen Huis. (2018). Rapportage Vereniging Eigen Huis, an investigation into the opinions of political administrators and homeowners with regard to resident influence, energy transition, climate policy and housing assignment.


Our research is ideal to gain scientific insight into people's perspective on current social issues.

Do you want to conduct a study into the social and political opinions of your supporters or target groups? Contact us and we will discuss the options for conducting an opinion survey.

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Kieskompas brings social and political opinions into the picture. We do this through the online voting advise application and by conducting opinion research. We provide insight into elections, show what the most important political issues are and what the various parties stand for.

You can register by sending an email to: info@kieskompas.nl

More information about how we handle your data can be found here.