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Kieskompas is a small social enterprise that combines a strong commitment to democracy, a passion for science and a competitive entrepreneurial strategy.

Kieskompas specialises in the development of online and offline voting advice tools, the organisation of political debates and the production of academic research and media content.

At Kieskompas we apply commercial strategies to maximise the impact of our projects. We are a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders.

By using business solutions to achieve public good. Kieskompas wants to help in the creation of a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy. 
Our values include a strongly ethical relationship with our customers, collaborators, providers, staff and the wider community, and a sincere accountability for the socio-political and economic impact of our projects.

Since its first project, the elections for the Dutch Parliament in 2006, Kieskompas has evolved into a dynamic, but solid and highly efficient operation. We have developed projects for elections in over 50 countries, including all European Union members states, and countries in North, Central and Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and even in Australia. Kieskompas has also successfully managed various projects during regional and local elections.

Subscribe to our Kieskompas-panel. Kieskompas conducts scientific research in a lot of countries. And you can be a part of it! A few times per year, you will receive a questionnaire from us, asking you about political or societal developments. This way, you contribute to scientific and independent research! That's nice, isn't it? If you subscribe to our panel, your data will be processed and stored for no more than 15 years. Click here to see how we take the best care of your data.You can unsubscribe from our panel by sending an email to info@kieskompas.nl


Our products


Election Compass (Kieskompas) Voter Advice Applications are independent and objective web applications that allow voters to match their own political opinions on crucial electoral issues with the official positions of the major political parties. Kieskompas VAA’s do this by soliciting answers to approximately 30 questions on major political issues, then calculating a personalised outcome in the form of a graphical representation of the voter’s position in the political landscape. Parties are also positioned in the Kieskompas landscape, which allows each user to analyse their distance or proximity to each of the parties. The issue positions of political parties’ are extracted from party manifestos and other official documentation through a rigorous academic process developed by Kieskompas and conducted by an independent and well respected academic team of national politics experts.



Election Compass (Kieskompas) has developed a unique debate that is active and visual. Participants enter the debate floor, and ‘physically’ take position on a certain issue and embrace the opportunity to actually talk to each other about it.
The debate floor is created with five colorful Kieskompas mats, that divide the floor in to five answer categories. The main objective of the Kieskompas debate game is to create a platform for an open dialogue and an exchange of views between participants on important and sometimes controversial issues. Each participant is stimulated to provide arguments why she or he adopts a certain position on an issue. Through the exchange of standpoints and arguments, the Kieskompas game aims to foster a tolerant and constructive discussion.


Kieskompas VAAs not only help millions of people to select the party that is closest to their own preferences, it also enables our team of academics to shed new light on public opinion, voting behaviour, campaign dynamics, party cohesion, and political participation.
Kieskompas VAAs collect important and scientifically relevant data on party positions on salient issues and generate several very useful and valuable databases: Party position data, coder reliability data, user data, media data, network data, and a large corpus of Tweets/Facebook data.
Kieskompas develops academic research based on these comprehensive sources that can be used to analyse citizens’ political behaviour. All data is always generated with accordance to national and EU data protection laws and is subsequently deposited to social science archives in order to be made freely available to the scholarly community.


Kieskompas academic research can be done upon request and is totally customized to the editorial needs of our media partners. At Kieskompas we are pro-active in analysing voter patterns that we find in the data. Kieskompas produces unique content for media partners, based on our information on issue positions of parties and the political preferences of the users, including the match between the two.
We can basically deliver custom made analyses and our team is available to provide the information, analyses, commentary and fact-checking that our media partners need for high quality reporting on the elections.

Recent Projects

The Netherlands Municipal Elections

Frankfurt Wahl-kompass. Frankfurt mayoral election 2018. VAA

Navigatore Elettorale. Italy general elections 2018. VAA

Hessen state elections 2018. VAA

What type of Aussie are you? Australia 2017. Profiling application

EUVOX. EU parliamentary elections 2014. VAA

Midden-Groningen Municipal Elections

Niedersachsen LandesWahlKompass. Lower Saxony state election 2017. VAA

France presidential election 2017. VAA

UvA student council elections 2017. VAA

Primaries of the left France 2017. VAA

Raye man. Iran 2017. Profiling application

BundesWahlKompass. German federal election 2017. VAA

UK general election 2017. VAA

Midden-Groningen Municipal Elections


The Kieskompas VAA (Voting Advice Application) might be the most known service of Kieskompas. With this VAA, we enable everyone to learn where he or she stands in the political landscape of that election. In 30 statements, the most relevant subjects of that election are being displayed, through a 5-scale answer people can position themselves and afterwards select which theme they find most relevant. They can also see how much their answers correspond with the candidates or parties that participate, the answers of are verified with justifications given by the representatives.

The VAA is also built as an iframe which can be integrated into the websites of our meadi partners. News papers used the iframe when there was an election in their country. For newspapers, it’s a great way to offer more insights and interaction to their visitors. The Kieskompas partner that hosts the VAA iframe can also get anonymous information of the results of the VAA. With this reliable data, the newspaper can write trustworthy articles based on academic results.

The iframe can be implemented in 2 sizes, small (600x580px) and large (900x809px), as a host of the iframe you can choose the one that matches your website best. Would you like to give your visitors more insights during the regional or national elections? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Together with our academic team we will explore the various possibilities!


André Krouwel

Founder and academic advisor

Willem Blanken


Oscar Moreda Laguna

Operations manager

Yordan Kutiyski

Data manager and research coordinator

Vanelly Ellis

Project manager

Tom Etienne

Project manager

Jeroen van Lindert

Project manager

Beau Etienne Remerij

Junior data archivist

Kyra Bos

External collaborator

Philipp Thomeczek

External collaborator


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